The Lovely Animals The Lovely Animals Revernd I walked her daily and took care of her for 2-3 years. She was a great dog I miss her! 174630448 Rosalie Watched her at my house for a few days along with Emmint. She got to go the park and have some fun! 174630449 Bentley, Emmint, and Rosalie 174630450 Emmint Put Emmint down for a nap! He is one heavy sleeper and soooo cute! 174630451 Rosalie 174630452 Rosalie and Bentley They have so much fun together! 174630453 Oreo This is Oreo she is a tuxedo cat and she is such a great girl! 185009174 Sam This is Sam. He is an awesome rescue dog with an amazing personality and he is so funny! 185009175 Sam 185009176 Chance This is Chance. He is a 9 year old West Highland Terrier. I walk him every Mon/Wends/Fri. He is a great dog and sure does love to play. 188447959 Bentley 193924999 Beamer 193925000 Chance 193925001 Chance 193925002 Harley 193925003 Harley 193925004 Jagger 193925005 Snickers 193925006 Beamer 196776802 Lulu 196776803 Mazzie Mazzie is a goldendoodle puppy. 196776804 Mazzie 196776805 Tuck 196776806 Bentley 198792655 Bentley 198792656 Dorian 198792657 Finlee 198792658 KC 198792659 Oliver "Ollie" 198792660 Charlie and Mia 198792661 Cookie 198792662 Finley, Emma, and Maggie 198792663 Elsa, Dahila, and Frere 198792664